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Design and production processes

BFC Sistemi carries out the basic and detailed design of mechanical, electrical, automation, explosion-risk plants and metalworking constructions.
For the design and sizing of the plants, BFC Sistemi carries out environmental analysis (with particular attention to energy recovery and environmental impact) and fluid dynamical, aero-dynamical and structural FEM calculations.
BFC Sistemi designs and manufactures components based on specific customer needs and/or as a retrofit to increase the efficiency of already operating systems.

All design activities are conducted with the use of modern techniques in compliance with international environmental and safety regulations, using the main calculation and development programs for 2D and 3D drawings.

Main production processes:

  • Sheet cutting with CNC plasma system- cutting of profiles in automatic. Sheet cutting with shears- sheet bending- metal sheet calendering- sheet notching and drilling;
  • Notching and drilling profiles – drilling up to Ø 45;
  • Mechanical machining of parts constructed with roughing and finishing;
  • Mig/Mag welding in pulsed arc and synergic- Tig welding performed on-site and/or on positioners;
  • Complete stainless steel picking cycle- complete painting cycle;
  • Hydraulic tests at 250 bar- internal tests LP and MT- electrical tests for cogeneration groups;
  • Functional testing of cogeneration groups produced up to 600 kW.