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Air and water treatment plants

BFC Sistemi designs and manufactures plants for the treatment of air, water, and residual water also with Modular System. All the plants are CE certified and comply with the most recent regulations.
In the field of industrial chemistry, the company it is able to design, realize and automate specific plants, including those at risk of explosion with Atex certificates.

BFC Sistemi is always looking for new solutions to optimize processes, decrease the consumption of chemical products by additives and raise the yields of the plant. For this, the company counts with the collaboration of institutes, Universities and external laboratories able to test and certify the results obtained.

Examples of plants:

  • standard and modular chemical plants in containers;
  • air filtration: cartridge type and absolute type;
  • cyclone dust separation with conveyor;
  • scrubbers for collection and wet cleaning;
  • activated carbon filters and thermal oxidation with post-combustion.