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Cogeneration and trigeneration plants

BFC Sistemi, within its own division called BFC Energy System, has developed and deepened its offer regarding the cogeneration and trigeneration sector. 

To achieve this result, BFC Sistemi has adapted a CE certified Modular System, managed with an inverter in the preparation of a ventilated package. This System, positioned inside soundproof containers, can be installed on-site, operating directly on the entire thermo-electric cycle.

In this sector, BFC Sistemi uses a structure composed of technicians and workers with proven experience to perform technical feasibility studies, design, and construction of mechanical, hydraulic and electro-instrumental parts with installation, testing, start-up, maintenance and after-sale assistance. BFC Sistemi works in collaboration with Institutes, Universities and other external laboratories that allow to test and certify the results obtained.

The company carries out, entirely at the headquarters of Busnago (MB), the following:

  • Cogeneration plants and groups from 5 to 530 kW;
  • Trigeneration plants and groups from 50 to 600 kW.

Cogeneration and trigeneration plants and groups can be fed, as well as with natural gas, also with fuels derived from Renewable Energy sources such as:

  • Bio-Diesel;
  • Biogas;
  • Syngas, produced by anaerobic digesters and/or MSW dumps even in conditions of limited production capacity.